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North East Ohio Surpernatural Investigations
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Thank you for visiting our site. We are a group of people who go out all over Ohio in search of the truth about stories of supernatural and spiritual activity. We've been all over Ohio (and some parts of Pennsylivania and West Virginia)in search of the unexplained. What we've come up with has neither been proven or debunked.....

Right now we are looking for people to join us in our hunt's across Ohio, who are 18 year's of age and old with photo identification and have there own transportation.
 NEOSI has been created by me (Jay), Leandra, Justin, and Jenn. Our goals are simple, to have fun and research the unexplained...
    Also we would like to give a special shot out to Matt at Ohio Lost for all of his help and getting us started, Thanks alot!

Check out Ohio Lost here!

Also check out this other cool haunted site in Ohio!Creepy Cleveland!

What's going on?
Click here to see what and where we are going this week, month or year! We update the site often so you can always come back and see us and whats new.

coming events

From left to right - Justin Jenn Leandra and me (Jay)

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