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North East Ohio Surpernatural Investigations


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O.K. so you want to know more about what exactly we are about. Here we go.We just started this group and decided that it would be sweet to have other's with the same interest's come along on our journey's. Soon after, we had people from all over Ohio that wanted to join us, so now we have our own website and are expanding. My name is Jay and i'm the founder of this group followed by Leandra, Justin and Jenn. We are based in Euclid (east of Cleveland). I do all the research myself and look fully into the background of these story's. We have alot of help from our friends at Creepy Cleveland and Ohio Lost (thanks guys) and you can click the link to both there sites on our homepage.We are totally free and the only thing you pay is the gas in your car. We hope you like what you see and want to join us here at NEOSI!