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North East Ohio Surpernatural Investigations
Witches Ball PT.1 cont.


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The Good Stuff!

Sorry we couldn't come up with a better story about the ball but I promise you a few of us will return to the ball and a story will come out of it. For now all I have is what I took while we were out there. I took a few pictures around the house and I got two photo's in particular that I liked and wanted to put out there. Keep in mind that it was snowing a little out, but the photo's you will see are no product of snow...Not by far...These photo's were taken from the side of the house and the back...You decifer what it is...We noticed that the Medina Sherriff's were quite on edge and although they had no idea what we were out there for they gave us fare warning that we were not to go to the cemetary, or we would be arrested for criminal tresspassing...HAHAHA,just like telling a little kid not to touch a hot stove, were going to do it just to see why its so important not too!

Grafton rd.
This is the house that it all began in.

What The Fuck???
This was taken at the side of the house...

Although it was cold out there that night we couldn't see our breath and I wasn't smoking a cigarette so this is ummmmmm....Fucked up!

Also I added it was snowing out.Yes the orb's in this photo are littl frozen balls of snow and not little balls of energy, but as you can see there is snow and then there is...Well what the hell is that? Definatly not snow...

Im dreaming.........
Of a ....what the hell?Snow on the left, whats on the right?

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